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Idli Street – Mobile Food Truck

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IDLI STREET – Lucrative South Indian Food Franchise.

The food & beverage industry is growing at an exponentially in rapid pace as compared to a couple of years ago. Today, the wisest and sensible step to survive in the competition and to make a good fortune is to rely upon a franchise that provides quality and trust worthy business.

Only the best concept/Franchise built by genuine food & beverage professionals withstands the test of time. IDLI STREET offers different franchise models to the customers/ investors intending to set up business based up on site evaluation and expert feasibility analysis in food & beverage industry.

We are honored to present a well sketched plan and a franchise that could trigger an instant success for our esteemed customers who are financially well equipped and are ready to invest time and labour. We (IDLI STREET) are armed with honest public relations, unmatched entrepreneurship skills, flawless analysis of the F&B world. We sincerely and legitimately recommend our idli street franchise model that provide continuous back end support, training and counselling relevant to Menu, place, need and financial investment.

We offer idli street franchise model in different ways such as, Food courts in different shopping malls, drive in’s, standalone QSR for high foot fall areas, comfort dine in and mobile food trucks for enthusiastic, young and dynamic clientele.


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